Online Marketing (Seo)

Technology and the Internet have created a revolution in marketing. The Internet not only inspires and provides consumers with information on potential travel destinations, but enables them to take immediate action by booking online. And, this is only the beginning of their online engagement, as the Internet continues to play a role during the vacation as well as long after the visitor returns home.

It is no surprise that access to seemingly unlimited information, combined with the tools to stay permanently connected to others, has created a huge shift in the types of trips people take, where and when they go, how they book, and what activities they pursue while on vacation. Instead of doing what everybody else does, people can now create personal travel itineraries, customized to their individual preferences.

The Purpose

Online marketing is no longer an “option”, it is essential in today’s fast-paced and competitive world. The future of your business could very well depend on it. While the online world may seem daunting to some, the opportunities are limitless and it is the marketing currency in today’s world.

This guide is intended to help you think strategically about online marketing, identify available opportunities, and create a plan for your business. This is not a how-to, step-by-step recipe for building a website, setting up a Twitter profile, or a search engine marketing program. Instead, the guide will outline the available options and assist you in strategically using online marketing to promote and grow your business.

Building Your Online Marketing Plan.

Once you have clearly outlined the What, Where How andWho are your current and potential customers, what is bringing, or going to bring, them to your business, where are they coming from, and how do they make their travel decisions, When you identify the different audiences who currently visit your business, as well as potential visitors, you have the basis for your online marketing plan. It is important to set targets for your marketing activities and measure over time how your efforts are performing. Overall, you need to be able to measure if your overall online marketing efforts have an impact on your bottom line. For each specific activity, set diagnostic measures, such as monitoring the number of website visits for example.

If most of your customers book online through your website, measuring success is easy. But the effect of your activities might not be directly measurable. People might learn about your business at one website, and book at another, or they might simply walk in the door. Poll a sample of your customers. Ask them where they learned about your business, what sources and tools they used to make the decision, and how they booked. Use this as a baseline and measure the impact of your activities over time.

  • 3rd Party Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Display
  • Social Media
  • Search Engines
  • Website

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