Networking & Security Solutions

Solutions in networking, voice and data that is a class apart. Our competencies has seen us rise above our contemporaries with world class solutions that is reliable robust and provide complete ROI…

Vision18 is authorized supplier of cutting edge servers, networking, telephone and security solutions from renowned international leaders such as Cisco, LG Ericsson, Avaya, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic, Bosch, and Toshiba.

From suggesting applicable architecture for your enterprise to providing top notch quality hardware and integration systems services, Vision18 offers all this and much more. We are aware that your company’s server rooms store valuable data that needs utmost protection from natural elements as well as human catastrophes. Some of the networking challenges that we protect you against are:

  • Virus attacks and unauthorized hacks.
  • Recovery from disaster situation.
  • Server load balancing.
  • Company-wide storage solutions.

When you look to equip your organization with the best possible desktop and server products, look no further than the enviable range of PCs and servers that deliver amazing performance at a cost effective price range. If you are looking to enhance authorized access and protect your work premise from intruders then our range of IP CCTV, remote CCTV, building access controls, biometrics and RFID will work wonders to maintain high level of security. For maintaining optimum performance of your previous servers and IT machinery, we provide HVAC solutions. These provide a cool atmosphere for the equipment when they are in operation and also help to dissipate the heat so that they systems operate at room temperatures always.

For the widest range of server racks, relay racks, data centers, server systems, LAN and WAN setup, Vision18 has the technological acumen and skilled resources to pitch in for the best enterprise solution for seamless transmission, storage and access of valuable data across the entire organization. For allowing proper mounting of hardware systems in your server room, our technicians first assess the dimensions needed for your company’s machines and then supply racking, storage solutions that is designed as per your needs.For crisp and clear internal and external communication our landline, telephone and VoIP solutions work great, functional amazingly well and don’t burn a hole in your pocket with expensive bills.

The integrated networking, telephony and security solutions are truly scalable and cater to enterprises of all sizes. All services and equipment that we procure exclusively for youare ready to embrace advancements in technologies and evolving hardware and networking ecosystem.

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