Customer Feedback Application

The Best & Easy Way to Get Feedback from Your Customers On-Site

Use iPads or Android tablets to gather feedback from customers. Our on-site surveys are easy to create and provide fast, actionable insights.

Starting of App

  • The application can be opened by clicking the application icon on the Tab. The home screen comes up with your company logo / branding.
  • Once the application is loaded there will be an option to select the user (employee name) once it’s selected the system will be open for customers.

Customer Experience

  • Once the above step has been completed the app will be open for customers and it will show the following 4 different options to select with appropriate smiliesHappy, Very Happy, Unhappy, Very Unhappy. So the you user can just click on any smilies to mark their experience with your service.
  • After submitting the feedback the customers will get a thank you message along with an optional button to Enter Survey & Write Feedback.
  • If the customer select the enter survey, it will show the survey page where he can choose his answer from list by just clicking the tick box.
  • If the user click on “write a feedback” it will take him to a page with feedback form where he can write his feedback and submit.

Back end Admin Panel

  • The administrator can login to the administration section using their allotted username and encrypted password.
  • Once logged in the admin can see the feedback analysis similar to what you’ll find with generic survey tools. Data is automatically put into graphs, making it easy for you to quickly evaluate the most and least popular responses.
  • The administrator can add/edit users (employees) to the system.
  • The admin can review, read, or export the feedback, survey result

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